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Rabbi Jay Fielding
Ordained Messianic Rabbi, Pastor and Founder

Rabbi Jay Fielding is a Jewish Believer who has planted Messianic Congregations, mentored and ordained other Messianic leaders and served in both traditional Churches and Messianic Congregations for over 20 years. Jay has authored Messianic papers and has delivered hundreds of inspiring Spirit-filled teachings on Messianic and Chirstian development topics.  He is a professional and exciting guest speaker for your television, radio, church, seminar, Sunday school or ministry event. You will find many of Jay's teachings on our website.

Rabbi Jay is married for 10 years to Michele Fielding, Ribbitzin and Ministry Partner.

You can contact Rabbi Jay directly at, or 404-245-7291

We have trained and been inspired by some of the world's great Church Pastors, Authors and Messianic Leaders. Prior to becoming Messianic we received formal training at First Baptist under Charles and Andy Stanley. We have been enriched by Messianic authors like Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum of Ariel Ministries, Dr. Michael Brown, and many others. We thank our previous church and congregational brothers and sisters who we have learned so much from over the years. 

I owe so much to the men of Jeff Morrison's Men's Group!  Their testimonies in the Lord led me to ministry and to dedicate my life to him.  

I owe so much to my Jewish parents who brought me up to love God and the Jewish faith. Our Jewish brothers and sisters from around the world and through history have taught me courage, honor, ethics, morality and love for Torah and Israel.

More recently, I have been inspired by the courage of Pastor Jack Valentino from His House International who brought me in to his church to guide and teach them how to participate in the Appointed Times and Feasts of the Lord and the modern Jewish holidays. Pastor Jack and his Wife Sharon have guided their congregation to love the Jewish people and the unity of Jew and Gentile in Messiah. Pastor and Jack and Sharon's Healing and Deliverance Ministry taught me how to truly eliminate the bitter roots of life that keep us from running the race to our best abilities. I cherish the congregation and our time serving with them.

Most importantly, I share my love and partnership with my wife Michele is who is God's greatest gift to me and my inspiration to joy and happiness, even when tough times are upon me.

Above all, to God Of Israel, our Heavenly Father, our Messiah and our Spirit of Hope and Holiness I share my thanks for redeeming my sinful person and giving me a place in the Kingdom of God to serve him. I pray that all my Jewish people will join me in the Kingdom of God's through faith in Yeshua HaMashiac the Jewish Messiah and the only one who gives freely his life for forgiveness of sins and for Eternal Life in HIM.

Some of our mentors include:

Rabbi Solomon (Center) from Beth Hallel Roswell GA
A visionary leader of Modern Messianic Judaism

Pastor David Chauncey (L) Rabbi Ric Worshil (L)
Mentors and Supporters of BCMC


Dr. Howard Morgan Kingdom International Ministries
Inspirational Speaker and Church Planter

Nancy Kaplan, Gates of Prayer Ministry
Prayer Warrior and Mentor


Derek Leman, Tikvat David
Author, Speaker and Leader

Sam Nadler, Hope of Israel, Charlotte NC
Inspirational Author and Speaker


Pastors Jack and Sharon Valentino of His House
Visionary Church Leaders and Healers

Rabbi Gary Tkvah L'Chaim
Gary and his Wife Cheryl Are Mentors, Friends and Leaders