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 The Lord's heart is for prayer. May we pray for you? 

Beth Chaim has a renewed focus on leading un-Believers into the Kingdom of God through what we are calling, Prayer Power!  The Lord has called us to pray with the unsaved in the name of Yeshua Jesus, so they will begin to know Jesus as their Messiah! The God who answers prayer is truly a loving God desiring a relationship with all people.  By praying with un-Believers we begin to show them our love and concern for their pressing needs. Our prayers with them may lead them to the source of love, the Lord himself. Let those around us who need Yeshua find him through our love and attention.

We are at end times and the people of God's creation from every nation need the Lord's forgiveness. We need the limitless power, Holiness and training of the Ruach HaKodesh, the Holy Spirit to embrace a Holy Life of service.  We all need the deep purposeful and passionate love and provision of the Father to live in faith. We live in a world under a strong spiritual enemy, Satan who promotes worldly values which are set against righteousness, joy and peace.  

Our unsaved family, neighbors, co-workers and even the people we meet by the chance of circumstances all need God now more than ever.   Satan's game is at his best and in many ways he is winning the hearts of the world by distorting the meaning of love.   Love on our TV and in our media is frequently seen as not judging others no matter what their lifestyle or choices are. What Yeshua called the wide gate. But those of us of faith better understand true love comes from the narrow gate, the path that leads to truth, forgiveness of sins and eternal love.

 Join us as prayer warriors!   Prayer warriors pray for themselves as well as for others. Prayer warriors pray for our enemies as well as for those who love us and treat us kindly. Prayer Warriors pray for our leaders, our children, our military, our educators and our Prayer Warriors lead others into the Kingdom!

 Our Church is called to pray for Israel and the peace of Jerusalem. In our pray lessons we will try to help our brothers and sisters in the body better understand the connection of our own well-being, our nations well-being and the world's well-being to the well being of Israel and the Jewish people.

  • Prayer is the time we set us aside to share intimacy with God that is rewarded with his embrace, his purpose and his passion for his children.
  • Prayer is the cornerstone of a relationship with the Lord our God! 
  • Prayer guides us into faithful dependence on the Lord!  
  • Prayer is a two way conversation with the Lord that seeks to build a relationship with our heavenly Father. 
  • Prayer  begins by glorifying Jesus as Christ Messiah our Lord and Savior! Because his sacrifice and resurrection is the eternal answer to all our needs.
  • Prayer continues by inviting the Holy Spirit into our hearts and to communicate with us and for us as he is our great gift and testimony of God's love and our power to pray.
  • Prayer ultimately is about receiving the eternal, divine, unlimited, unconditional love of God and being able to overflow in love to serve others.
Become a prayer warrior by first becoming a Born Again citizen of God for both Jew and non Jew!  If you are a Believer then prayer is a core or fundamental part of our daily faith.
Yeshua often went off alone and prayed. Yeshua often prayed when healing, when correcting, when communicating with the Father, when saving people and when when when.. for everything.
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