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Selected Messianic Teachings

Beth Chaim offers many teachings on-line that share the truth about the Jesus being the Jewish Messiah who came to bring salvation first for the Jews and then for all Nations. Below are some key teachings in various media.



This is a new Kingdom of God message delivered at Marietta Vineyard Church on March 3 2013. It teaches on "The Role of Israel and the Church" in the progression of the Kingdom of God from Genesis to Revelation with personal testimony of Rabbi Jay and modern day analogies. Many people in our Church have had very little exposure to the doctrine that supports their Church sharing Passover and other Feasts at the Church. Are the Feasts Relevant or has the Church now replaced Israel? Is Israel part of the Church or is the Church new to the days following Jesus, Yeshua's Resurrection.

This heartwarming lesson supported by scripture exposes the need for Traditional Jews, Messianics and the Church to make a Paradigm Shift from a focus on people to God's Plan of Redemption and desire to bring all humanity into the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God is the GOAL, the TOUCHDOWN, the very purpose and will of God for humanity since he created this most magnificent world and planted the Garden of Eden for his children Adam and Eve.

A more detailed synopsys is availabe by clicking the below link. The audio and scrripture study link is below also.

Please open the scripture lesson and move through them as you listen. 57 minutes so plan to give this important foundation class some time and reflection.


Lesson KOG Synopsis

Download KOG Scripture Lesson PPT

Download audio MP3 (May take awhile)


New 2012 live at His House:

Rabbi Jay gives a scripture based lesson on why The Feast of Pentecost-Weeks is relevant to the Church today. He shares why God chose the Hebraic Feast that traditional celebrates the giving of Ten Commandments and Torah to Moses to birth the Church with the power of the Holy Spirit. He explains how the Law and the Spirit work together to empower a Believer's witness and walk with God.  The Church was created to unite Jew and Gentile into one new man through the power of God's spirit. The Feast of Weeks-Pentecost celebrates God's provision and harvest. Jay shares with Church leaders why the Feasts of the Lord and Hebraic holidays should be brought back into the Church as a witness to both Jew and Gentile of God's plan of salvation through the Jewish Messiah, as well as revival and joy in sharing time with the Lord at His appointed times.

Audio Pentecost2012 Live at His House

Presentation slides for Pentost2012 Slides from His House


Are you looking for Spiritual passion and renewal? Are you looking for growth in your congregation and church? Are you looking for God to offer you increase in your Spiritual blesisngs and means to perform Kingdom work?

By understanding the Old Covenant Law on Tithing and the application of Tithing in the New Covenant Kingdom you will learn about God's law of blessing, increase and growth. This will be an exiting study on how to keep or renew your passion and love for God others and oursleves! This is not about the Law but on how to apply the Law of Tithing to Grow.  

In the Old Covent God blessed Israel with a full time priesthood, the Levities, to manage Temple worship including the sacrifices, the annual feasts of the Lord, as well as many of the ceremonial duties. The Tithe of the harvests were to be brought to the Temple every three years to serve as the inheritance of the Levities. The Levites would live off the Temple sacrifices and the Tithes of the Israelites instead of a being given a portion of the land as the other tribes.. In addition to Temple Tithes there were Tithes of the first fruits of the flock and the land that were to be eaten in the presence of the Lord. Interestingly, through Sabbath, God set aside a day a week as Holy for spiritual rest in His presence. The tithe was separating a portion of Israel's increase as Holy.  Many of the 613 Laws of the Torah had this same purpose, to separate the profane or ordinary from that which was Holy. In fact, this was the very purpose of the dietary laws of clean and unclean foods. Israel itself was being separated out of the nations as a Holy people for the Lord. 

In the New Testament God is continuing to separate out his people from the Nations, but now instead of separating Jew and Gentile in physical nations, he is separating out Believers and Non-Believers. He is separating out those who are Born Again into the eternal Kingdom of God from those that are still liiving in the natural world realy under the spiritual rule of Satan. He wants all of us who are Born Again to give to bring others into the Kingdom. We are in an age of Harvesting Souls for the Eternal Kingdom of God.

In this study, we look at how the law of Tithing should be practiced in the New Testament Church and the Kingdom of God. Many Churches and Messianic Congregations preach the Law of Tithing as critical to their church membership and leadership. But are we under the Law as the Israelites were?

A key New Testament scripture concerning the law is as follows:Luke 16:16-17 “The Law and the Prophets were proclaimed until John. Since that time, the good news of the kingdom of God is being preached. It is easier for heaven and earth to disappear than for the least stroke of a pen to drop out of the law. This critical passage reflects a change from the Old Covenant to the New Covenant as Yeshua advances the Kingdom of God. Yet, the passage indicates that all the Law and Prophets are still relevant and active in the Kingdom for Believers 

Let's look and see if we are truly under the law of Tithing, and if so, is Tithing the same in the New Covenant as in the Old Covenant. You will find this Hebraic Roots study helpful in guiding you in how to apply the Law, the 613 Torah Commandments to your Christian/Messianic walk.  Please download the PowerPoint and move through the presentation in concert to the audio below. 30 Minutes 



Download TithetoGrow Lesson PowerPoint

The Feasts Illustrate the
Progression of the King of God

Rabbi Jay has an exciting new teaching on the Fall Feasts and their relevance to Israel, the Church and the Kingdom of God. Jay shows how the Feasts honor God's plan of redemption to bring humanity back home to the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God is the eternal time of ZOI, everlasting life in God's infinite blessing. Since the fall of mankind from original sin in the Garden all humanity has been in exile from the Kingdom of God.  The 7 major Feasts are reviewed for their Kingdom meaning with special review given to the Fall Feasts of Trumpets, Day of Atonement and Tabernacles. Learn why they were important to Israel but are more meaningful to our Church. Audio is live sermon delivered to His House International Church on 10/28/2011. Donwload audio and Presentation. As audio progresses scroll to the apprpriate slide in presentation.

click here to download audio teaching Fall Feasts of the Kingdom of God

click here to download Fall Feast Presentation PDF


The Kingdom of God is the most important and pervasive theme in the Bible. Jesus said the preaching the Kingdom of God, KOG, is the reason he was sent. The KOG is the story of God's love and desire to live with humanity as His children for eternity. We develop a learning methodology for Scripture Discernment called the "Tree of Life to Tree of Life" learning model. You will learn God's purpose for your life and better understand the whole Bible from Genesis to Revelation in this Heart of God and and for God series. Understand the role of Israel and the C hurch in end-times and why God wants the Church to renew their love for the Jewish Messiah and Jewish people.

Lesson 1 is the Introduction to the Tree of Life, TOL, learning model.

click here to download KOGL1 Tree of Life Learning Model Audio

click here to download Notes KOGLesso n 1 Tree of Life Learning Model PPT


click here to download Notes for KOG Lesson 2 Jesus the Way Home PPT file


click here to download the Audio for KOGJoseph Sunday School Intro download file

click here to download notes KOGJoseph file


click here to download audio intro KOG From Egypt to the Promised Land is a Desert

Download notes from Egypt to Promised Land is a Desert


Paper: Father Abraham Believed. Conversational style discussion from one Jew to another on Biblical support for Jesus' love for Jewish people and why Jesus is the Jewish Messiah. Written by Messianic Rabbi Jay Fielding, a Jewish Believer and leader and founder of Beth Chaim Messianic Congregation. A great place for Jewish people to begin realizing that Christian concepts are truly founded on the Jewish Torah, Writings and Prophets. A discussion on many of the key concerns Jewish people have are addressed. An excellent overview of education for all Believers wanting to understand how to share Jesus with the Jewish people and begin to realize the Hebraic roots of our Faith.

Download Paper: Father Abraham Believed


Audio with PowerPoint Notes on "What's so Jewish about the Resurrection?" Rabbi Jay gave this message to a Church in August 2009 to share the key scriptures of why both Jews and Believers should worship Jesus as the Jewish Messiah today and forever. Jay shows that Jesus is presented in the Jewish Tenach and New Covenant before, during, after and in end-times as being the Jewish Messiah. The premise is that our traditional Church doctrine has taken the Jewishness away from Jesus since his atoning sacrifice which has been a blocker for Jews to recognize Jesus within our traditional Church as their promised Messiah. In addition, when we do not consider the Resurrection a Jewish event then the Church leads Believers to know Jesus as God without a true understanding that Jesus is also our Jewish Messiah yesterday, today and tomorrow. The lesson will help inspire our Church to relook at the Jewish Jesus they worship and the blessings God gave to humanity through his Jewishness.

Download: Audio Jewish Ressurection

Download Notes: Jewish Ressurection


Message: Audio with PowerPoint Notes. "The Fall Feasts of the Church": Rabbi Jay gave this message to a Church in Aug 2009. The Feasts or Appointed Times of God are often considered Jewish and not part of our Church life. Rabbi Jay shows that the Feasts of God are really now Church feasts as their full meaning is found in our relationship with Jesus, the Jewish Messiah and head of our Church. This unique teaching will help our Church understand the value of keeping the Feasts of Israel as Church holidays that bring annual renewal to our relationship with the Lord, Spiritual Revival for our community and will help us lead Jewish people to faiht in Jesus as their promised Messiah. Jay shows the meaning of the Feasts as they relate to Israel, the Church and End-times.

Download Audio: "The Fall Feasts of the Church":

Notes "Fall Feasts of the Church"


Message Audio and PowerPoint Notes: "Feast of Trumpets Abraham binding of Isaac". In Sept 09 for Feast of Trumpets Rabbi Jay gave a sermon message explaining how the Jewish Tenach stories of the Patriachs are patterns for the Gospel. On Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New year held on the Lord's Feast of Trumpets it is traditional for Jewish Rabbi's to share the story of God's command for Abraham to bind Isaac. Rabbi Jay illustrates how this marvelous story of faith and obedience was a prophetic illustration of God giving his one and only Son, Yeshua Jesus to the world as the perfect atonement for the sin of humanity. Rabbi Jay shows us how Abraham and Isaac and their truly amazing story is one way God unites the story of Israel, the Torah and Jewish Tenach, with our Church and the New Testatment.

Download Audio: FeastofTrumpetsAbrahambindingofIsaac

Download Notes: FeastofTrumpetsAbrahambindingofIsaac


Message:  Audio and Notes "The Blood of the Lamb will be a sign to you": for a Passover Message given by Rabbi Jay. This message was given to encourage Church Pastors with scripture support of the importance to include Passover in their annual  life of their Church to be a sign to the Jewish people and to the World that Jesus was truly "the lamb of God"  whose sacrifice would be the perfect sin atonement for all humanity. Rabbi Jay tracks the need for blood atonement from Adam and Eve through Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses and the Exodus and compares this to our Gospel message in Jesus, the Jewish Messiah. Jewish folks will better understand that why the Passover Feast and First Fruits was the time chosen for Messiah's first coming to fulfil Isaiah 53 as our suffering servant, but looks forward to Jesus' second coming as the Messiah King and Judge.

Download Audio: Blood of the Lamb will be a sign to you

Notes Download The Blood will be sign to you


Teachings on The Messianic Jewish Wedding: God has used the symbolism in the traditional Jewish wedding as an expression of God's relationship with Israel. In the New Testament Jesus and authors like Paul extended the Wedding and Marriage symbolism to represent the Church's and Beleiver's relationship to Messiah!  The Church and each Beleiver becomes the bride of Jesus uniting with Him as one flesh or Echad. Pauls says the Chruch's relationship to Jesus is just as Adam and Eve as the were united by God in marriage as one flesh.

Below are some lessons for you on the beautiful Biblical and Godly symbolism we find in the traditional Jewish wedding and marriage. This lesson should encourage our Church not to consider all Jewish customs legalism as Jesus used so many Jewish traditions in his life work and parables to express what he was doing for humanity. In this same light so many of Jewish customs and holidays were inspired by the Holy Spirit to represent the Gospel and our need to have faith in the redeeming sacrifice and resurrection of Messiah!


The above document may be used as is or modified by other congregations/church groups as a service or play. You can assign parts, add worship and dance and more. It is also a great reading as a teaching.
Below is an Audio teaching on the Messianic symbolism of the Jewish Wedding and PowerPoint notes.

Download Audio Teaching on Jewish Wedding

Download PowerPoint Notes on Jewish Wedding


This is a comprehensive teaching on the major themes of Purim and its relevance for the Church. It is 54 minutes. Please feel free to listen in two sessions. You download the slides and then you can follow the scripture references as you listen. 

Purim has not been considered a Church holiday and for many Jews it has become a children's holiday of fun, hamentashen cakes and booing and cheering during the reading of the Megilla- The Revealing, Book of Esther. Yet, it is in both the Jewish and Christianity Messianic bibles as the inspired Word of God. This teaching will change your perspective on Purim and the Book of Esther and perhaps your faith. You will learn that the Book of Esther is a deep theological exploration of Messiah's battle with Satan for bringing in the Eternal Kingdom of God. Even more, God relates his undying love for the Jewish people and all Abraham's seed by Faith in Messiah. The Holiday of Purim will take on exciting significance for the entire Jewish and non-Jewish Church body. We will see how all the Feasts of the Lord, including those created by biblical tradition are God's inspired appointed times to renew our faith in Him and wintess for the Messiah.

click here to download file Purim Presentation PowerPoint

click here to download fileWindows Media Purim presentation


How living in Satan driven feelings of Humiliation destroys lives and How living in Yeshua driven Humility leads to Life Eternal

A new message on the Birth of Israel out of the horror of the Holocaust. The Lord spoke about the Power of Humiliation to Destroy and the Power of Humility to bring Life.

Suggest listening to first 20 minutes and become FREE of one of Satna's most potent weopons used to destroy our joy and relationships. Continuing for specific information concerning the prophetic end-time meaning of Israel and the Kingdom.

Learn about the meaning of the Holocaust and the Re-Birth of Israel for all Believers and all People!
The audio includes a memorial service for Holocaust Remembrance. The slides include a remembrance of the Holocaust, not reviewed in the audio.