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If you and your family are looking for a place to enjoy Messianic Worship and education, lnet us know and we will be happy to try to find a good fit for you in your area of the country.

My wife and I attend Beth Hallel as regular guests. They are large Messianic Temple and considered a pioneer in Messianic Judaism. They are very open to visitors, as well as regular guests who may want to find a Congregation home.

Email Rabbi Jay for details, address.     Information Request for BCMCN in subject

From time to time we gather the Beth Chaim community of friends to join together at our home or at an event.  A few times a year we have a cover dish to celebrate the Feasts at our House or join together at Beth Hallel for their open to the public celebrations and services for the Feasts of the Lord.  They offer a calendar on their WebSite.

If you would like to get involved with our group, send Rabbi Jay an email. BCMCN.Org helps Christians with a heart for Hebraic roots to get connected, help with their training and understanding of Hebraic roots, answer questions, pray for them and provide life-cycle services.

We would welcome a chance to meet and greet with you and help you meet our network.  If you are in the Atlanta/Marietta GA area let us know.

 Rabbi Jay at 

 Or use one of our contact forms on the site. 

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